Ridge View Blondes
Polled Purebred & Fullblood Blonde d'Aquitaine Cattle                                                    Kirk McGee ~ Codrington, ON

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Current Females  ~ Click on the picture to view the pedigree ~

Farmin' EH Sierra 1S ~ Polled Fullblood

R17597 (P) 129N ~ Born March 26, 2006

Sire: Bellevue's Kenworth 15K 

Dam: Maple Valley Kallie 47K

Maternal Grandsire: Ashlar Correct 11C

I purchased Sierra as a bred heifer at the 2007 Cream of the Crop sale with the intention of raising her potential bull calf to use as a herd sire. Of course the calf she was carrying turned out to be a heifer...that's the way it goes!! Sierra is one of my larger framed cows with lots of milk and a good set of feet and legs. She has two daughters in the herd; Rondakk Kirk's Yakity Yak and Ridge View Bombshell.   

Rondakk Kirk's Savannah 16S ~ Polled Purebred

D14787 (P) ~ Born September 26, 2006

Sire: Maple Valley Logistic 98L     

Dam: High Point Miss Hope 18H

Maternal Grandsire: Hilly Grove Axel 8E

Savannah is a white Hope daughter off of our first registered herdsire, Logistic. She has blossomed into a great cow who raises a better calf every year. Moderately framed and quiet, just like her mom. Three of her heifer calves have been  part of our show string. Her 2016 heifer calf, Ridge View Destiny, was sold to Bergland Farms, Mt Elgin, ON at the   2016 Cream of the Crop Sale.   

Elmbend Amber 29U ~ Horned Purebred

D14882 ~ Born January 8, 2008

Sire: Heartwood's Reinhart 17R     

Dam: Young Crest Heidi Ho 3H

Maternal Grandsire: Norlock Free Willie 25F

I had always wanted a Heidi Ho daughter. She was a powerhouse and nearly unbeatable in the show ring. The opportunity presented itself in 2008 at the Cream of the Crop sale. Lot 53 was a heifer calf out of Heidi by Heartwood's Reinhart a bull who had sold for $5500 at the 2006 sale. Amber has one of the best udders in the herd and consistently raises a top calf each year. Her last two heifer calves have been part of our showstring. Her 2013 calf Ridge View Ava 28A sold to John Langstaff, Sombra, ON.  

Rondakk Kirk's Xabrina 34X ~ Polled Purebred

D15120 (P) ~ Born March 27, 2010

Sire: Knox Ultimate 4U     Dam: High Point Miss Hope 18H

Maternal Grandsire: Hilly Grove 8E

Xabrina was my first calf born off Knox Ultimate. I had extra heifers that year and in a weak moment, I traded her to my parents. She matured into one of the best cows that I've ever bred and in 2016 I was able to work a deal and get her back! She's a structurally sound, easy keeper with longevity in her lines. Dam is still producing at 19! The Ultimate/Hope cross has been a good one...all five heifers they produced are still here. Xabrina's 2016 heifer calf off Deebran PLD Kane was sold to Bergland Farms, Mt Elgin, ON at the 2016 Cream of the Crop Sale.

Rondakk Kirk's Xiao-Su 58X ~ Polled Fullblood

R18464 (P) ~ Born May 15, 2010

Sire: Knox Ultimate 4U     

Dam: Donaleen Miss Little Breath 8L

Maternal Grandsire: Beau Bois Cafe 26C

I purchased Xiao-Su's dam, Donaleen Miss Little Breath ("Miss") as a heifer calf at the first Cream of the Crop sale in 2001. She was the first Blonde that I picked out and bought myself. She was a real pet and quickly became my favourite cow. For years she only had horned bull calves, but finally at nine years old, she had Xiao-Su. While not a huge cow like her momma was, Xiao-Su is looking more like Miss all the time. A polled, purebred daughter, Ridge View Dora 20D, sired by Deebran PLD Kane was retained.     

Rondakk Kirk's Yakity Yak 6Y ~ Double Polled Fullblood

R18656 (P) ~ Born March 26, 2011

Sire: Knox Ultimate 4U     Dam: Farmin' EH Sierra 1S

Maternal Grandsire: Bellevue's Kenworth 15K

Yak is double polled fullblood off my Kenworth daughter, Sierra. She was born on her mother's birthday and was the stand-out heifer calf of 2011. I easily picked her for my keeper list that year. While Yak is a little smaller framed cow than her mother, she milks just like her. Her 2014 calf sired by Deebran PLD Kane 19Z was part of our show string. Kane also sired her 2015 heifer calf, Ridge View Cindy Lou, who was a tough one to part with...but you can't keep them all. Raising a well built double polled Fullblood bull calf in 2018 sired by Knox X-Man.      

Rondakk Kirk's Zoe 53Z ~ Polled Purebred

D15387 (P) ~ Born April 13, 2012

Sire: Knox Ultimate 4U     Dam: High Point Miss Hope 18H

Maternal Grandsire: Hilly Grove Axel 8E

My first show girl! For years I wanted to start showing cattle, but fair season always seemed to sneak up on me and I never had anything ready. In 2012, the stars finally aligned and I made it to three fairs with a large show string of two heifer calves. Zoe is another one of my Hope  x Ultimate daughters and there's a reason I have so many of them around! She's moderately framed and very correct just like her momma. Raising a beautiful Deebran PLD Kane 19Z sired heifer calf, Fee Fee, in 2018.   

Donaleen Bramalea 25B ~ Horned Purebred

D15851 (P) ~ Born May 10, 2014

Sire: Crystal Zeth 1Z    Dam: Diamond L Ultra 89U

Maternal Grandsire: West Winds Seacrest 23S

Blue Diamond Blondie 448B ~ Polled Purebred

D15696 (P) ~ Born May 12, 2014

Sire: Bellevue Sir Zorro 70Z    Dam: RDM Rosa 14R

Maternal Grandsire:  RDM Marlow 15M Twin

Blondie is owned in partnership with my seven year-old nephew, Teagan. We purchased her at the 2014 National/Cream of the Crop sale in Lindsay. She was just a four and a half month old, freshly weaned calf, but she stood out in the pen of five similar heifer calves. She has a great set of feet and legs and, although she was the youngest, was the heaviest in the group. She's grown into a powerful young female and they don't come much quieter! Bred to Knox X-man for 2018. 

Ridge View Bombshell 29B ~ Horned Fullblood 

R19282 ~ Born June 6, 2014

Sire: Knox Ultimate 4U     Dam: Farmin' EH Sierra 1S

Maternal Grandsire: Bellevue's Kenworth 15K

Bombshell was a June calf, so I didn't expect that I would be keeping her, but she grew like crazy and nearly caught the April calves so she ended up making the cut. The Sierra/Ultimate cross was a good one. Lots of polled genetics here, but she ended up horned. I guess having the odd one around is okay! Bombshell is halter broke and quiet as can be

Replacement Heifers

Langstaff Carly 24C ~ Horned Fullblood

R19591 ~ Born April 23, 2015

Sire: Zoro 25Z    Dam: West Winds Terri Twin 249T 

Maternal Grandsire: West Winds Rin-Tin-Tin 152R

I purchased Carly at the 2016 Cream of the Crop sale from John Langstaff of Sombra, ON. She impressed me in the catalogue and I was not disappointed when I got to see her in person. Carly is an eye appealing heifer with lots of hip, length and a great set of feet and legs. She is sired by the Zoro bull from the MBRHEO breeding program. John considers him a picture perfect Blonde bull and is impressed by the muscle and superb temperament that he passes on to his calves. Raised a nice heifer calf sired by Langstaff Chaps 12C, an Aquarius Magnet son, in 2017 

Rondakk Charlotte 40C "Charlie" ~ Polled Purebred

D16045 (P) ~ Born April 29, 2015

Sire: Deebran PLD Kane 19Z   

Dam: Rondakk Kirk's Yahtzee 14Y

Maternal Grandsire: Knox Ultimate 4U


Van Bakel Blondes Deloris 3D ~ Horned Fullblood

R19690 ~ Born January 16, 2016

Sire: VOB Northern Justin 1M

Dam: Van Bakel Blondes 7Y

Maternal Grandsire: Roseneath William

Ridge View Dora 20D ~ Polled Purebred

D16119 (P) ~ Born April 30, 2016

Sire: Deebran PLD Kane 19Z     

Dam: Rondakk Kirk's Xiao Su 58X

Maternal Grandsire: Knox Ultimate 4U

Ridge View Elvira 10E ~ Horned Fullblood

R19801 ~ Born March 5, 2017

Sire: Langstaff Chaps 12C    

Dam: Langstaff Carly 24C

Maternal Grandsire: Zoro 25Z

Ridge View Ella Enchanted 43E ~ Polled Purebred

D16223 (P) ~ Born April 18, 2017

Sire: Knox X-Man 26X    

Dam: Rondakk Kirk's Xabrina 34X

Maternal Grandsire: Knox Ultimate 4U


Ridge View Epic Finale 52E ~ Polled Purebred

D16048 (P) ~ Born July 13, 2017

Sire: Knox X-Man 26X     Dam: High Point Miss Hope 18H

Maternal Grandsire: Hilly Grove Axel 8E

Ridge View Fee Fee 7F ~ Polled Purebred

Appl For (P) ~ Born March 29, 2018

Sire: Deebran PLD Kane 19Z     

Dam: Rondakk Kirk's Zoe 53Z

Maternal Grandsire: Knox Ultimate 4U

Ridge View Fantasia 38F ~ Polled Fullblood 

Appl For (P) ~ Born April 18, 2018

Sire: Knox X-Man 26X     Dam: Rondakk Kirk's Xiao-Su 58X

Maternal Grandsire: Knox Ultimate 4U

Ridge View Flicka 49F ~ Horned Purebred

Appl For ~ Born April 21, 2018

Sire: DBL Dingo 1D     Dam: Van Bakel Blondes Deloris 3D

Maternal Grandsire: VOB Northern Justin 1M

2016 Bull Calves

Ridge View Dallas 80D ~ Polled Purebred

Appl For ~ Born April 10, 2016     BW 95lbs

Sire: Knox Ultimate 4U     Dam: Elmbend Amber 29U

Ridge View Dunham 84D ~ Polled Purebred

D16049 (P) ~ Born April 10, 2016     BW 80lbs

Sire: Crystal Ziggy 25Z     Dam: Donaleen Bramalea 25B

Herd Sires

Knox X-man 26X ~ Polled Fullblood

R18724 (P) 129N ~ Born October 14, 2010

Sire: West Winds Snoopy 30S     Dam: Maple Valley Polled Caress 50J

My search to find Knox Ultimate's successor, didn't take me too far from home. X-man was owned by Stonewall Farms, Jeremy and Rachel DeWeerd in Wooler. I was very impressed with his offspring that I had seen in the Stonewall and Halcyon show strings and jumped at the chance to bring him home. X-man is a larger framed bull with an excellent temperament and lots of polled genetics behind him. His sire, West Winds Snoopy was a homozygous polled Fergie son with great EPDs. His dam was a Crackerjack daughter who produced to the age of 15 and was a favourite at Knox Innovations. Maternal granddam was VMB Aileen, the mother of the Western Agribition Grand Champion A/I bull Maple Valley Baxter.

                                                                              *Photo taken by Reed Rigney during the 2015 National Weekend*    

DeeBran PLD Kane 19Z ~ Polled Purebred


D15415 (P) ~ Born January 10, 2012

Sire: Arsha's Polled Trooper 67T     Dam: Rheo Lady Luck 115L

Kane was purchased by Dave and Sheila McNevan, Hilltop Orchard Farm, as a bull calf at the 2012 Cream of the Crop sale. I bought him as a yearling the following summer. He is a lighter coloured, flatter muscled bull with great length and a fantastic temperament. Tons of polled genetics here, too...he's sired by the homozygous polled Trooper bull and there isn't a horned animal in three generations on the                                                                                                      dam's side. His first three calf crops were 100% polled.  

Knox Ultimate 4U ~ Polled Fullblood 

(Reference Sire owned by Rondakk Acres ~ SOLD DECEMBER 2015)

R18178 (P) ~ Born January 2, 2008

Sire: Knox Superman 1S     Dam: Brule Polly 5P

Past Females

High Point Miss Hope 18H 

D11044 (P) ~ Born May 12, 1998 ~ Polled Purebred

Sire: Hilly Grove Axel 8E     Dam: Blon Dell 76B

Maternal Grandsire: HOF Mr. Zee 13Z

I purchased Hope as a 4 year old at the 2002 Cream of the Crop sale from Ray and Sharon Chambers. She became a foundation cow in my small herd. She very rarely had a bull calf and her heifers always seemed to make the keeper pen. Longevity in her lines for sure! She produced until nearly 20 years of age. Sadly missed, but her legacy lives on through her progeny.    

Pictured at 19 years of age.

Donaleen Miss Little Breath 8L ~ Horned Fullblood

R16116 129N ~ Born January 28, 2001

Sire: Beau Bois Cafe 26C     Dam: Lavelaine's Miss Excellent 11E


West Winds Trixie 132T ~ Polled Fullblood

R17832 (P) 129N ~ Born: February 2, 2007

Sire: Fergie 8M     Dam: West Winds Prudence 32T

Ridge View Dakota 5D

Ridge View Destiny 12D

D16046 ~ Born April 15, 2016

Horned Purebred

Sire: Knox Ultimate 4U     

Dam: Rondakk Kirk's Savannah 16S

Maternal Grandsire: Knox Ultimate 4U

Sold to Bergland Farms, Mt Elgin, ON

D16047 (P) ~ Born April 30, 2016

Polled Purebred

Sire: Deebran PLD Kane 19Z     

Dam: Rondakk Kirk's Xabrina 34X

Maternal Grandsire: Knox Ultimate 4U

Sold to Bergland Farms, Mt Elgin, ON